World Gone Mad – 2 Year Olds Screened for High Cholesterol


Just about everyone understands that obesity is a problem in the United States. This ‘epidemic’ is no longer just a problem for the adult population, as we have known for some time that more and more young kids are now battling the bulge as well. We shouldn’t really be too surprised, though, because kids will often follow their parents lead.

What we should be surprised about, however, is the latest recommendations that children as young as 2 years old be screened for high cholesterol. Yep, wean ‘em and then get ‘em on statin drugs. Why wait?

Does anyone else smell something stinky here? Not the aforementioned 2 year old’s diaper, something much worse. Imagine how much more of a market you would have if kids could now take statin drugs. Imagine your joy at this if you were a drug rep for a company that produced statin drugs…

But I digress. First, be aware that cholesterol is not some evil thing lurking in your arteries hoping to do you in. Cholesterol is an important and essential component of every single cell in your body! Some authorities go so far as to say that cholesterol has been wrongly vilified when it comes to heart disease. In addition, statin drugs have many of their own dangers, and have never really been shown to increase the lifespan of people with high cholesterol.

Here’s what I prescribe for the rotund youngster: kick them out the door for the day with a plate full of fresh fruits and veggies. Being outside and active and eating unprocessed foods is what these kids need, not a dose of prescription medication. And while you’re at it, take a dose of this for yourself. It may save you a copay AND your life.

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