While many exercises (or their substitutions) in the DFP require very little or no specialized equipment, the reality is that the more and better equipment you have access to, the more different exercises you will be able to perform. This often translates to better results.

If you belong to a good rec center or health club, chances are you have 90% of the equipment you’ll need to perform the exercises in the DFP. The other 10% of the time you can substitute similar exercises that you do have equipment for.

If you work out at home, I recommend slowly building up your arsenal of good exercise equipment. Most pieces will last you for years and years, and you can use them any time of the day or night.

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Strength Training and Weights
Cardiovascular (aerobic) Equipment
Balance and Stability Equipment
Balls, Bands, and Other Equipment


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Strength Training Equipment and Weights

Chin Up Bar

Chin ups (aka pull ups) are one of the best back exercises. But you need a solid place to do them.

No Equipment option: Use bars on the local playground equipment.

Flat Bench

everlast flat bench

A basic, no frills, flat bench is versatile for many exercises. Add a set of dumbbells and you’ve got a great start.

No Equipment Option: Use the floor, but your range of motion may be limited as will be the exercises you can perform.

Hex Dumbbell

hex dumbbell

I like basic hex dumbbells over anything fancy. Cost is less than rubber coated, results the same. I don’t like adjustable dumbbells because of he risk of injury and the difficulty moving quickly from one weight to another.

No Equipment Option: For lighter weights, soup cans can work. Milk jugs work okay too in some cases, and you can fill them to the exact weight you need, with water or sand.

Cardiovascular (aerobic) Equipment

Everlast Jump Rope

leather jump rope

One of the most inexpensive ways to get a killer cardio workout. Buy a rope that will last, though.

No Equipment Option: Running or walking


schwinn elliptical

I love my elliptical. Ellipticals are great for cardio, and easy on the joints. And you can keep in shape even when the weather is bad out.

No Equipment Option: Running or walking

Heart Rate Monitor

Monitor your heart rate without one of those annoying chest straps. I love to use my Reebok monitor while running.

No Equipment Option: Learn to take your pulse using your index finger on your wrist.

Balance and Stability Equipment


bosu balance trainer

Great combo of an exercise ball and stepper platform. Stability and cardio work on one piece of equipment.

No Equipment option: Use stairs to substitute for stepping. No good substitute for stability work.

Bands, Balls, and Other Equipment

Body Ball

body ball

A good body ball is essential for many of the decent core and stability exercises. They’re fairly inexpensive too, considering how versatile they are!

No Equipment option: No good substitute for stability work. Can work abs doing many of the exercises off the ball on the floor.

Medicine Balls

valeo exercise ball

Great for many core exercises. I recommend starting with a 6 pound ball for women, 10 pounds for men.

No Equipment option: Fill a sturdy canvas sack with dirt or sand. You can also cut open an old ball and fill it, but be sure to tape it well with duct tape.

Stainless Steel Canteen

kleen kanteen stainless steel bottles

If you’re like me and worry about the chemicals leaching from plastic bottles (not to mention the impact on the planet) these stainless steel canteens are the best option I’ve found.

No Equipment option: Use a glass or drinking fountain. No plastic!!