Category: DFP (Daily Fitness Plan)

DFP for Thursday, 12-11


Sorry the DFP email didn’t get sent out yesterday. It was an off day, so I hope you rested up for today’s workout! Daily Exercise Plan: Warm up + cardio – (10 minutes) Dips / Narrow Grip Pulldowns – 3(10)(10) Incline Dumbbell Press / Upright Rows – 3(8)(8) Additional Cardio – (10 minutes) Cool down […]

DFP for Friday, 12-12


Whether you’re trying to lose weight or gain weight the DFP can help. Remember, gaining or losing weight is about calories in vs. calories out. Eat the right number of calories and exercise hard, and you should get good results. Today, less cardio, tomorrow, more! Daily Exercise Plan: Warm up – (5 minutes) Lunges / […]

DFP for Saturday, 12-13


After doing upper body work on Thursday and lower body work on Friday, you might expect today off. No so! Instead, today is all cardio, but you get to choose. I like to play sports, you might like to go for walks or even a good long run. Just be sure to play hard and […]